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Azealia Banks - Nathan feat. Styles P

The highlight of my dull afternoon between ironing was checking Twitter and I was somewhat delighted when I saw Styles P trending - only to see some moronic One Direction fans saying that ‘OMG I SAW STYLES TRENDING AND THOUGHT IT WAS ABOUT HARRY <3 <3 ONE DIRECTION 4EVA HARRY’S WIFEY’. Alright, the tweets I saw didn’t contain all of the above information but it might as well have. 

Anyway we digress.

I was happy to see that the reason Styles P was trending is because he and  Azealia Banks have given birth to a little bundle of joy. Their spawn (or track) is called Nathan (I delight in fact that this would have been my name had I been born male) has saved my evening from being full of lame ironing.

Imagine a house party. The creeping, creaking synth lines are your drunk friend running up the stairs to be sick, Azealia rapping the crap out of the N word is your shouty drunk friend, the interchanging snare drums and interesting drum sequences are the two lads who always want to have a fight and Styles P wades in to back up Azealia in chucking the two crazy guys out of her house. All in all, it sounds like a standard evening hanging out in the company of Azealia Banks. More please?


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